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Who We Are

DOIW in short

The Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women (DOIW) was founded by a group of women, members of the Tudeh Party of Iran, on 7th February 1942, and it started work with the slogan of complete equality of women and men, the abolishing of reactionary and misogynistic laws, fight against fascism and colonialism, for equal pay for equal work, and for peace.

The Organisation’s first publication was Our Awakening which was published with the byline, ‘we too have rights in this house’, in 1943. DOIW was able to carry out its activities openly for only two brief periods in its history – once in a short period during the time of the Shah’s regime, and another brief period during the rule of the Islamic Republic’s regime. During these periods it succeeded in organising many women in its extensive organisations.


corner stones in DOWI's agenda

Leadership and political participation

More women than ever are successfully running for office, climbing the corporate ladder and shattering the glass ceiling. But not yet…

Claiming rightful roles in the economy

Women’s economic contributions can unlock the promise of the global goals. When all women can obtain decent paid work or become…

مبارزاتِ زنان ایران بر ضد خشونت‌

طبق اسناد بین‌المللی، تبعیض جنسیتی زمینه‌سازِ خشونت علیه زنان است. در سال ۲۰۱۴، ۱۴۳ کشور از ۱۹۵ کشور جهان تبعیض علیه…

Intergovernmental support

In intergovernmental forums at the United Nations, Member States come together to debate and seek agreement on global gender equality norms…

Basic Stats

Women in Iran

Women At Work
Women At Work
Percent of Women in Society
Percent of Women in Society
Percent of Women at Higher Education
Percent of Women at Higher Education
Percent of Women in Governmental Positions
Percent of Women in Governmental Positions

در باره برخی از اهداف ما

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What we want

supporting women's struggle in Iran


Iran can not be called a democratic country as long as women in our homeland do not enjoy their civil, legal and social freedoms,.


Gender, legal, social and economic equality for women is the basis for women's excellence in society


Justice and equality for women in all areas of social life in Iran

Stop violence against women

Prohibition of violence against women and the abolition of all laws that legitimate  abusive practices against women


Peace is the constant demand of women in Iran. War not only kills women and children, but also diminishes their social rights in the country.

Environmental Awareness

Women are day by day experiencing the effects of environmental issues. Increasing environmental hazardous factors in Iran are killing women, men and children in thousands every year.

Support Iranian Women's Fight!

Iranian women's fight against religious dictatorship is ongoing and on daily basis. In this fight they need all the support they can get. Be with them. Be their voice in the international community.

Support them!


Latest Posts

DOIW current situation of women in Iran

To the Women’s International Democratic Federation

The Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women, as one of the oldest members of this Federation, conveys its sincere greetings to you on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Women’s International Democratic Federation.

Message of DOIW to the 16th Congress of the Women’s International Democratic Federation – Bogota – 2016

The DOIW wholeheartedly supports the struggle of the WIDF for a world free of war, inequality, poverty and exploitation and for international solidarity with those campaigning against all forms of oppression and discrimination, particularly against women.

DOIW Calls for Lifting the Ban on the Turkish Peace Committee!

The Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women expresses its outrage at the banning of the activities of the Turkish Peace Committee by the Erdogan government.

DOIW Bulletins

latest numbers

DOIW Bulletin nr. 1

* Seventy One Years of Struggle * Shirin Ebadi’s Plea to the International * Political Prisoner Assaulted in her Cell * Iranian Regime’s Misogynist Charter * Simin Behbahani People’s Poet and Activist Died  

DOIW Bulletin nr. 2

* Appeal by Women Campaigners [the Mothers of Laaleh Park] * DOIW’s message to WIDF and appeal for ac1on in figh1ng Child Marriage * Workers and Youth Flogged, while the ‘Fat Cats’ Are Left Free to Do as They Please * Amnesty International condemns 16-years-sentence against critically ill Human Rights…

DOIW Bulletin nr. 3

* New Year Greengs for 2017 * Campaigns for the International Day for the Elimination of Gender-based Violence in Iran and the World * PRESS RELEASE OF THE WOMEN’S MOVEMENT OF POGO ABOUT THE DEATH OF FIDEL CASTRO * In Solidarity with the Campaigners for Peace in Turkey * International…

DOIW Bulletin nr. 4

* Statement of Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women on the occasion of 8th of March * Mass Layoff of Working Women in Iran * Statistics on Violence against Women, national and International Trends

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