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The impending human catastrophe about to be escalated by the state of Israel must be averted. Statement by DOIW

The state of Israel has declared a ‘state of war’ against HAMAS following the Islamic Resistance Movement’s firing of rockets into Israel, the killing of hundreds of civilians and taking many hostages following an organised incursion, on Saturday 7th October.

We condemn the killing of civilians, and the reported taking hostage of women, children, and the elderly; just as we have condemned the persecution and killing of Palestinian people, women, children, and the elderly, by the Israeli army and the increasing number of armed settlers.

The Israeli defence minister has ordered the ‘complete siege’ of Gaza, ‘no electricity, no food, no water, no fuel, everything closed’ (CNN, 9th Oct 23). The state of Israel has cut off the Gaza strip and has started air strikes on the densely populated Gaza strip, destroying residential buildings and killing hundreds of innocent people. According to the UN more than 123,000 people have abandoned their homes and are seeking shelter in schools and elsewhere within the borders of Gaza.

The blockade of the Gaza strip since 2007, has ensured that its inhabitants live a life of maximum hardship, humiliation and violence.

The state of Israel has violated international laws and treated the Palestinian people with utmost hostility and aggression, while the settlers have become an arm of the Israeli state, usurping Palestinian land, and violating their human rights.

The current government of Israel, like many reactionary and right-wing governments of its ilk, sees waging war as an effective ploy to stay in power. It is breaking international law by collectively punishing a whole population for the actions of Hamas, and in a barely disguised language, promising the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians – a crime against humanity.

The world must not stand by and allow this human catastrophe to unfold. International media have a responsibility to report the truth impartially and not to become the agents of the stronger military power. The Middle East does not need one more war the price of which is paid by ordinary and innocent people.

Israeli citizens and Palestinians who have been taken hostage must be freed, the blockade of Gaza must end, the occupation of Palestine must end.

The world must condemn Israel’s collective punishment of the Palestinian people, and victimising civilians, mostly women, children, and the elderly, in the open prison that is the Gaza strip, and stop a new human catastrophe of massive dimensions from unfolding before our eyes.

No more war!

DOIW – 9th October 2023