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DOIW Condemns Imperialist Intervention in Venezuela

The Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women condemns the interference of imperialist countries, led by the United States of America, against the people of Venezuela. The interventions of the USA and its allies such as the European Union, in the internal affairs of that country have many precedents and is tantamount to the breach of the principle of the sovereignty of the affected countries. The attempt at a coup d’état, creating a situation of chaos and heightened tension, aimed at fomenting an internal civil war, has been a staple of imperialist aggression which has been deployed over and again against the people of other countries. The coup d’état of 1953 against the people of Iran, and in the last decades, the military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, are but a few examples.

In our country, today, our people are facing the threat of war, in conditions when they are at the end of their tether, grappling with poverty, theocratic despotism, neo-liberal economic policies and ever-escalating inflation which claims as victims the workers and the poor, foremost women and children of our society. As our people are struggle against these conditions, they also have to face US-imposed sanctions, which not only add to the intolerable burden on the shoulders of the ordinary people and especially the workers and the poor, but at the same time gives the regime the excuse to use the tension to get on a war footing, and to use the climate of impending war to escalate the oppression of the people and to fill the prisons with workers’, civil, and women’s rights activists of Iran.

We condemn any kind of foreign intervention in other countries. We believe that the solution to political and economic problems of any country is the remit of the people and progressive forces of that country. The interventions of US imperialism and its allies in the internal affairs of Venezuela and adding to tensions, threaten peace in the region and the world. In wars, the people are the losers, even more so, women and children. We appeal to all peace-loving people in the world to raise their voices, ever-louder against war.

Unite against war and imperialist intervention!

Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women