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DOIW message to National Federation of Indian Women

Excerpts from DOIW letter to the National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW) on their 60th anniversary:

“Since the thwarting of the aims of the 1979 Revolution, our country has been engulfed in a social, economic and political crisis. The revolution was stopped in its tracks due to the dominance of the religious clergy and was not allowed to develop the necessary stages that have to do with social and economic necessity. The despotic regime of the Supreme religious leader tries to force women back into the home by the use of religious laws and the introduction of further medieval laws.

Women’s independent organisations have been and continue to be suppressed, but the women of Iran continue to fight against reactionary policies and against the despotism of the rule of the Supreme Religious Leader. The employ every means at their disposal to fight the political, economic and social restrictions being forced on them; and they pay a heavy price in terms of arrests, imprisonment, torture and even execution. At present scores of women political prisoners in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s prisons, and they continue to demand their rights and freedoms alongside their male counterparts. As mothers, sisters or wives, women have demanded justice for their loved ones who were brutally murdered in the summary executions of around 5,000 political prisoners in 1988, and were buried in mass graves.”

“We have a tough struggle ahead in order to achieve a society free from war, poverty, violence and injustice and discrimination. In our country, women freedom fighters have been adopting innovative and diverse methods of struggle throughout the country. But the solidarity and common struggle of the women of the world, is a valuable support for us. The 60 year long struggle of the National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW) has produced outstanding leaders. The Federation’s struggle towards empowering women and creating lasting bridges with the struggle of other sectors in the social struggle is one with valuable lessons for other women’s organisations too. We would like to have the mutual bonds between our organisations developed further.”

“Once again we wish you success in your congress and declare our sincere solidarity with the brave struggle of Indian women against poverty, inequality, violence and sexual and class exploitation.”
January 2016