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The Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women condemns the US missile strike on Syria

The Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women issued the following statement on April 8th.

“The US military aggression against Syria on Friday 7th April, supposedly premised on the use of chemical weapons in Idlib – the perpetrator of which remains unknown – has increased the decibel level of the ominous drumbeat of war in the Middle East. The ultimate victims of such aggression are the innocent and continuously suffering people of Syria who for six long years have experienced a destructive and disastrous war, and one that has claimed the lives of more than half-a-million.

This ‘civil‘ war has brought about a human tragedy of huge proportions manifested in the massive death toll; millions of people who have had to leave their homes and be scattered across the world; and the occupation and ransacking of vast parts of the country by ISIS and other reactionary terrorist groups known for their hatred of women as well as their reactionary cultural and social attitudes. The undeclared war imposed on Syria has had catastrophic consequences for the women and children of the country and has ravaged human and natural resources. The people of Syria have been calling for peace and reconcilation through dialogue while the warmongers continue to rain fire on their vilages, towns and cities. The lives and future of a whole generation of Syrian children and youth have been laid to waste.
The recent missile attack by the US on the target in the Homs area, on the pretext of the “defence of Syrian women and children“ is in effect against international law and in breach of Article 2 of the UN Charter. It has once again plunged not only Syria but the whole Middle East region into a more dangerous situation, fanning the flames of further conflict. This is a war whose only outcome can be death and destruction and which should be resisted and opposed by all peace-loving and progressive forces of the world.
The Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women, along with all forces who campaign for peace in the world, unequivocally condemns the US missile attack on Syria and once again declares its firmly held position that the current tragedy in Syria does not have any military solution. The DOIW believes that the wars created and continously encouraged by the US, Britain and certain of its allies in the EU could seriously endanger world peace. We must raise our voices against war and warmongers louder than ever before. We should force all sides of the war in Syria to take their place without any precondition at a peace negotiating table conducted under the auspices of the UN . We must ensure that war, terrorism and bigotry are uprooted in the region.
The future of Syria should only be decided by the Syrian people themselves without interference from any external forces. We wish peace for the people of Syria.”

8 April 2017