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No to War, bloodshed, and the Killing of Innocent People

on 26th February, the Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women issued a statement on Russia’s military attack on Ukraine, as follows:

The Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women strongly condemns Russia’s military attack on Ukraine and the killing of civilians. This war is counter to the interests of the people and workers of the two countries, and only serves the interests of imperialist powers including US, NATO, and the powerful financial oligarchy of Russia. This war has taken shape over time for the control of energy resources, the extraction of greater profit and the control of new markets. The principal winners of this war are the arms monopolies, imperialism, and financial oligarchy; its principal victims are the ordinary people.

The interventionist policies of US imperialism and its allies started some time ago alongside the militaristic policy of the expansion of NATO’s domain into Eastern Europe and even other continents. Despite the warnings of progressive forces, the disregard of imperialists, especially USA and NATO for international treaties, has been repeated time and again, this time in Europe. Still, these conditions do not justify Russia’s military attack on Ukraine and the breach of international borders under the pretext of ‘securing peace’ and destroying ‘neo-Nazi, extremist forces’.

Dear Comrades,

Women always play an important and effective role in the movement for world peace and against war. They do not want their children to become the victims of the plunderers who wage war; in addition, they wish to prevent the destruction of natural resources and infrastructure in wars.

We, alongside all peace-loving people of the world, stand in solidarity with the ordinary people and workers of Ukraine and Russia, who are the principal victims of this destructive war and its aftermath. We call for an immediate ceasefire, through a negotiated end to military action and this dangerous crisis that threatens the world. Today, all progressives and peace-loving people of the world must raise their voice ever higher against war.

No More War was the final message of the renowned communist and leader of the women’s movement, Clara Zetkin, to the people of the world. And today, in the wake of the 8th March, the international women’s day, we echo her call in unison with other peace-loving people – ‘No More War!’

26th February 2022