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Solidarity with the Courageous and Combatant People of Palestine

The Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women condemns in the strongest terms, the destructive and provocative policies of Trump, the president of the United States of America, and its relocation of that country’s embassy to Jerusalem in contravention of international law, which we see as an attempt to escalate tension and conflict in the Middle East and to destabilise the region.

The United States’ government had provoked the anger and condemnation of the peace movement in Iran and worldwide relatively recently, with its provocative unilateral position rejecting the multi-lateral Nuclear Agreement with Iran – an Agreement that, despite all its shortcomings, had been forced on the Islamic Republican Regime by our people’s steadfast struggle in order to prevent a destructive war in our country and to prevent the loss of human lives.

This is not the first time, in the last few decades, that the dangerous and war-mongering policies of US imperialism and its reactionary allies, has cost millions of innocent lives in military interventions and wars of aggression. The list is long, such as the US-instigated war between Iran and Iraq, military conflicts in Eastern Europe, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen… which have led to mass displacements and involuntary mass migrations which continue to this day, and which have claimed the lives of thousands of people. Rape of women, abuse of children and falling victim to people smugglers are among the human catastrophes that have befallen our people, as a result of the imperialist wars.

The Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women expresses its solidarity with the heroic people of Palestine, especially with the combatant and peace-loving Palestinian women and their struggle for the establishment of an independent state of Palestine in the pre-1967 borders. We believe that the hands of imperialism and its allies must be cut off from the Middle East region. We demand the freedom of all political prisoners of Palestine who are incarcerated in Israeli prisons, and at one with all the peace-loving people of the world, we condemn the irresponsible and provocative policies of the US and its allies in the region and worldwide.

May 2017