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The Federation of Women of Greece condemns the regime’s crime & the Association of Lebanese Women expresses it Solidarity with Iranian Women

The Federation of Women of Greece (OGE) denounces the reactionary regime of Iran for the death of the 22-year-old Iranian Amini Mahsa of Kurdish origin, which was preceded by her arrest by the “morality police” in Tehran for not wearing her hijab correctly.

We express our solidarity with the women of popular strata of Iran, who are facing state violence, all the economic and social discrimination that perpetuates

women’s inequality, along with obscurantist perceptions and practices. We reject the crocodile tears of those who hypocritically “support” the human rights of women in Iran such as USA, NATO and EU who seek to exploit the righteous indignation of people in order to advance their imperialist plans.

Today, more than ever, there is a need to strengthen the struggle of the popular strata women all over the world to claim a life without exploitation and oppression, without imperialist wars and refugees, to fight for women’s equality and the emancipation of peoples.




The Association of Lebanese Women’s message of solidarity to the DOIW:

We are very proud of you. Your answer against the killers [of Mahsa Amini] will be the beginning of a new Iran, democratic and progressive.
We are with you against those who want to put women in a cage. An exemplar is our icon Wardah Boutros, killed because she wanted to build a new workers’ world. [Wradah Boutros was shot dead by security forces in the general strike of 1946, in Lebanon].
We support your struggle, not only because we have a lot of Lebanese women who are killed
because they had the courage to say ‘we are free to do what we want’, but because humanity has to change.
With our comradely support
Marie Nassif – Debs
President of the association “Equality – Wardah Boutros”