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Women Political Prisoners in Evin Stage Sit-in

Women political prisoners in the notorious Evin prison in Tehran have announced that they will stage a sit-in on Monday 3rd October, in solidarity with the people’s street protests.

It is hard to hear the cries of the people’s protest from behind the high and cold walls of the prison, and of the bloodshed of the youth and students of our country and the arrest of the protestors. Our hearts, our cries and our fists are with the hearts and cries of the people every moment. We eagerly hope that these walls will fall and if freed, we will undoubtedly be in the midst of the powerful and roaring wave of protests and shoulder to shoulder with the rising oppressed and suffering people.

We have joined the people of our homeland, for women, for youth, for students, for pupils, for workers, for teachers, for dissidents, for national and religious minorities, for those who have been killed, and for the realization of the goals of freedom and justice. Now in this prison, in solidarity with the people who have risen up and in protest at the killing, and the violence and extensive detention and torture of protesters and in support of the strikes, and demonstrations we will stage a sit-in today on 3rd October in Evin women’s prison and behind the walls and steel bars.

Evin prison, women’s ward 

Signed by:

Narges Mohammadi

Alieh Matlabzadeh

Hasti Amiri

Gila Makvandi

Sepideh Kashani

Sepideh Qalyan

Maliheh Jafari

Elnaz Eslami

Mahnaz Tarrah

Nazanin Mohammadnejad

Raha Askarizadeh

Gulara Abbasi