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European Region resolution at the WIDF DC – Pyongyang 2018

قطعنامهٔ کمیتهٔ رهبری فدراسیون دموکراتیک جهانی زنان دربارهٔ منطقهٔ اروپا

Considering that fundamental economic and social rights of women are under attack in this moment in Europe, we intensify our struggles in our countries for:

o policies aimed at eliminating violence against women in all its forms and supporting the women’s struggle against all forms of oppression and violence on women;
o measures to secure human living conditions and asylum to refugees and migrant people and the possibility for them to travel to the countries they desire; effective policies aimed at eliminating the international trafficking in human beings, especially trafficking for sexual exploitation and prostitution;
o economic and social policies aimed at eliminating injustices, inequalities, discrimination and abuses that are inherent in the capitalist order: we should focus at stable and permanent work with all social security and working rights, entire maternity protection with public and free of charges social services.
o building and consolidating peaceful relations between countries, based on the principles of cooperation and mutual benefit, rejecting all forms of imperialism, domination, primacy, discrimination and subordination and terrorism;
o the enlightenment against imperialism.
o the crushing of the neo-Nazi / neo fascist resurgence in the heart of Europe, which have been supported by the bourgeois for their interests, as in Ukraine.

Pyongyang, 23 April, 2018